Maturious changes the way companies find, evaluate & match talent

Dual service 360 Capability Profiling & Talent Matching Platform for hiring professionals and mature age job seekers.

Today's workforce can be tomorrow's

As the Australian population ages, it will be harder for companies to find people that satisfy all workplace skill requirements.

Open up new sources of talent

Maturious supports companies to consider and assess candidate skills irrespective of when they acquired them. Our objective evidence-based tools and techniques accurately guide hiring professionals in important talent evaluation and hiring decisions in a fast, consistent and reliable basis.

Maturious provides assessment and evaluation tools to de-risk recruitment bias and skills-mismatching.


Interested in hiring qualified and capable people?

Bias free talent matching, who would of thought?

Maturious makes it possible through talent metrics and employment bio-data analysis.  We match the accumulated job attributes (talents) of mature age workers with the job attributes employers believe will make an employee successful and valuable in a role.

Maturious helps you to eliminate the bias that bleeds into the recruitment process.


Maturious Business Advantage

Maturious enables employers to efficiently select and evaluate the required capabilities (talents) to be successful in a job and matches these talents to verifiable employment bio-data to make informed decisions about candidate suitability and selection.

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Maturious Candidate Advantage

Maturious enables mature age people to curate, assess and evaluate the acquired capabilities (talents) over their career and matches these talents with the job capabilities of employers seeking qualified and capable mature age candidates.


Who is Maturious for?

Maturious is applicable to industries and companies actively involved in the process of building a diverse and skills-based workforce.

Mature age diversity is good for businesses

The changing shape of Australia’s working age population is opening up new possibilities.

We recognise the opportunities that lie ahead and we’re already helping our business partners prepare and make the most of what today's mature age workforce has to offer their companies and customers.


The Australian Bureau of Statistics defines anyone over the age of 45 years as a ‘mature age’ worker. Yet this is no ‘magic’ number. People of any age can be told they are ‘too old’ for a job.