Maturious explained

Maturious changes the way companies find, evaluate and match mature age talent.

Maturious helps you curate, assess and evaluate the talents you have acquired over your entire career and then matches those talents to jobs with employers whose goal is building a diverse and skills-based workforce.

As you build your Capability Profile, Maturious will help you measure the depth and breadth of your talents, in addition to the level of proficiency you’ve achieved throughout your career.

After you’ve completed and published your Capability Profile, you'll be eligible to be shortlisted for roles that are a match to your capabilities.

If you'd like to understand the process better, we recommend you spend a few minutes reading through the FAQ to get familiar with the platform.

Most people take about 60 to 90 minutes to complete their Capability Profile, but don't worry, you can save your profile as you go and return to finish it any time.

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Current Vacancies

Full-time roles in an External Audit team

We openly encourage people with a diverse range of professional experience to build their profile and be considered. Direct External Audit experience is not essential.

If you’re looking for meaningful employment in professional services, these roles need to be filled in January 2020, based in Sydney.


Your experience could include;

Auditing, accountancy, credit risk, management analyses, operational risk, financial control, management reporting (planning, reporting & analysis), quantitative analyst, capital transactions, financial statement preparation, project management, treasury, accounts payable (incl. procurement), reconciliations, information technology, taxation, payroll / remuneration, valuations, laws & regulations, compliance and breach reporting.

The work activities listed above represent a diverse range of capabilities that could potentially be applied to be a successful and valuable member of our client’s external audit team.



Garry Russell was recently hired via Maturious...

"Maturious has been a resounding success for me resulting in a Senior Associate position with a top 10 employer.

The process was comprehensive in career and skills matching, personal evaluation far beyond anything I have experienced. Equally important was the guidance and support at each step by David from the initial program overview session, thru the extensive online profile skills matching, and the employer / candidate team sessions and interviews.

This gave me the opportunity to present my abilities to senior partners in a productive real-life workshop setting, resulting in short list interview and formal job offer. As a mature aged candidate, I certainly would not get this opportunity thru the usual recruitment agency approach. You have bridged the maturity gap David.

Congratulations and thank you."

Are you ready to build your profile?

How we work

We work with our clients on all aspects of mature age workforce planning and recruitment to ensure your company is well positioned to fully maximise the opportunities of the best, regardless of age.


Here are just a few ways we are going about building tomorrows workforce today.

Our philosophy is your talents are your future.

We believe the combination of curiosity and passion are the secret ingredients to enable greater workforce participation and meaningful employment for mature age people.

We also firmly believe, employers who open the door a little wider will quickly realise the benefits Maturious can provide by harnessing the diverse capabilities mature age people can bring to their workforce.

We're challenging the status quo

We aim to continually influence and change the negative perceptions and stereotypical mindsets that have contributed to ageism by demonstrating, in rational terms, the true value and business advantages mature age people can contribute to today’s workforce.

We understand the inherent value of experience and know-how

Mature age people possess strong judgement skills; in fact, psychological studies demonstrate that mature age people make more accurate decisions, as they have stronger 'crystallised intelligence', or accumulated experience.

Mature age people bring a lifetime of experience, networks and knowledge. They have gone through all the ups and downs of several decades of working life and can be pillars of support for your employees, whether it’s helping on soft skills like negotiation or communication, or the nitty-gritty sector-specific know-how.

We're building a new narrative

We believe a key pillar in building a productive workforce stems from the diverse capabilities a mature age people have acquired from a broad range of industries and roles.

Beyond diverse capabilities, mature age people also possess the Holy Grail that are ‘meta-competences’ – communication and organisational skills, punctuality, dependability and confidence. All those things that turn a colleague from an unreliable nightmare to dream employee

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