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Mature age workers are a talent advantage

Easy to miss. Costly to ignore. Perceptions about the value and capabilities of mature age workers are distorted and outdated. It’s a fact that career and recruitment systems are generally biased against mature age people.

Maturious is unique.

It’s the first-ever bias-free talent-matching platform to connect employers with mature age workers.

We tap into a lifetime’s worth of employment biodata to map the Job DNA of each mature age worker – their accumulated skills, knowledge, abilities, and experience – and match their attributes with the job attributes employers need from their most successful employees.

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Maturious hasn’t just improved recruitment, we’ve reinvented it.

We’ve changed the way organisations source, match age-diverse talent. Here are nine reasons why the best organisations are choosing Maturious.

Better candidates

Better processes

Better outcomes

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Employ the best candidates

We accurately assess candidates, mapping their individual Job DNA to provide a whole-of-career view of future employees.


Transform how you hire

Our intelligent tools completely transform how organisations match, shortlist, and hire people on a fast, consistent, and reliable basis.


Age diverse workforce

Our industry agnostic platform helps organisations in all job functions and industries successfully hire age diverse talent.


Expanded Talent Pool

We help organisations tap into age diverse talent - people with the right skills, experience, and emotional intelligence for the job.


Features to define your talent need

Our Job building tools help hiring managers define the capabilities a candidate needs to be successful and valuable in the job.


Candidates get a great experience

We take care of repetitive talent acquisition tasks so hiring teams can provide a more high-value experience to candidates.


Sophisticated evaluation tools

We reduce the risk of skills mismatching, and misjudgments caused by bias or false logic during the hiring process.


Automated Talent Scout

Hiring teams get an automated Talent Scout that works 24 hours a day, at ten times the speed of a human.


Shortlists you can trust

Our compatibility algorithms instantly process countless matching calculations producing shortlists you can trust in days, not weeks.

Maturious is a step change in hiring

We’ve taken the bias out of talent acquisition and matching by using objective employment biodata-driven analysis and capability evaluation tools to accurately assess, match, and shortlist mature age candidates.

Our matching algorithms take the guesswork out of talent assessment and shortlisting, bringing true objectivity to a traditionally subjective process.

How Maturious works

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Mature Age Talent Advantage

This diverse talent pool brings unrivaled knowledge and experience, many acquired abilities, a strong work ethic, and high levels of engagement.

Find the blind spot – find a competitive edge.

Dual service 360 Capability Profiling & Talent Matching Platform for hiring professionals and mature age job seekers.

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