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Mature age jobseekers now have a digital home at Maturious – a talent marketplace where they are truly valued and recognised for their diverse experience and capabilities.

Maturious captures the whole-of-career capabilities of mature age jobseekers that are undervalued by traditional recruitment models.

The Big Issue – Ageism

The stereotyping and discrimination of people on the basis of their age is stopping mature age jobseekers from getting jobs and meaningful work.

We’re here to fix that and we need your participation to do it.


Maturious hasn’t just improved hiring, we’ve reinvented it.

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Maturious is the first-ever talent-matching platform to connect employers with mature age workers.


Maturious matches the Job DNA of a vacant role to candidate Job DNA to shortlist and hire capable talent.


Maturious takes the guesswork out of the talent assessment and shortlisting adding true objectivity to a traditionally subjective process.


Maturious mitigates the risk of mis-judgements caused by bias or false logic during the talent acquisition and hiring process.


Maturious dives much deeper than other talent matching platforms by assessing the depth and breadth of each candidate’s capabilities.


Maturious applies user-centred capability profiling tools to present the true employment value of a mature age workers talents.


Maturious’s clever algorithms eliminate biases in talent acquisition to ensure the most capable candidates are shortlisted and hired.


Maturious receives Job Profiles for matching and instantly builds shortlists of viable mature age candidates for review.


Maturious gives you control of the whole process and opens up a new talent and job marketplace of unique possibilities.

You’ll register a username and password, and then receive an email with a link to verify your account. Once you’re verified you can securely log in to the Maturious Platform and create your Capability Profile.

Our Capability Profiling process is quite different from writing or loading a CV to a job board. For good reason, CV's and job boards fail the vast amount of mature age people seeking employment. 

You will need to put aside need between 60 and 90 minutes to complete your Capability Profile but there’s no rush. Take as much time as you need. You can save your profile and return to finish it later.

Maturious will guide you through the steps as you create your Capability Profile. You will be required to curate and assess your acquired capabilities for each role you’ve held, over your entire working career.

You can modify and update your Capability Profile at any time, and if you do find a job you can unpublish without losing any of your Job DNA data. All of your personal and employment information is securely stored on the platform, and each time you log on and update your Job DNA our system will update your Capability Profile.

As soon as your Capability Profile is 100% complete and published you’re live and ready to be matched to vacant roles.

This won’t happen overnight - because we don’t match key words to create false hope - we match “Job DNA” to build trusted shortlists for a role.

When an employer publishes a Job Profile for a vacant role the Maturious Talent Matching Engine matches the CP’s with the closest Job DNA to the vacant role.  Matched CP’s are notified by email to confirm their availability and interest in the role.

Interested and available Capability Profiles are submitted to the relevant hiring manager to review and confirm the initial shortlist. Contact details are provided to the hiring manager to discuss the role  with the confirmed list of shortlisted candidates. Capability Profiles not included in final shortlists are notified by Maturious.

How Maturious works

We don’t use AI-based algorithms to mimic human intelligence to match people to job ads or position descriptions. And we don’t use rudimentary filtering (often passed off as artificial intelligence) such as key-word tools, to match skills. The way we work is far more precise and valuable.

Maturious goes deeper than other talent matching platforms by capturing the capabilities of mature age workers such as yourself that are undervalued by other recruitment models. We call this your Job DNA, and it contains your acquired capabilities over your entire working career.

Your Job DNA data is used to create your Capability Profile, which mathematically matches your capabilities against the job attributes employers believe will make an employee successful and valuable in a role.

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Testimonial Picture

Maturious’ unique and comprehensive recruitment process helped me creatively imagine where I could and would like to be at the next phase of my career. 

As a result, I am excited to have recently been matched to an entirely different role and sector, and where my years of experience and skills, have been objectively tested to be highly transferable, valued and needed.  I am looking forward to the deeper personal and professional development opportunities that this new career pathway will bring! 

Furthermore, I am inspired by the courage, vision, and leadership of David Tarr (Maturious CEO & Founder) and Maturious’ Employer Partners, who are genuinely intent on addressing the rather ugly realities of ageism bias in our job search market. Their recruitment philosophy is refreshing, and their approach is innovative indeed. 

Thank you and more power to all in this pioneering journey together.

Thanks again, all the best in 2020 and hope to keep in touch.

Nadine De Villa

Dual service 360 Capability Profiling & Talent Matching Platform for hiring professionals and mature age job seekers.

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