Maturious is not your typical talent matching platform.

Our dual service 360 Capability Profiling & Talent Matching Platform is unique in the application of talent metrics and employment bio-data analysis.  This enables under-valued and under-utilised workers (mature age) to equally compete for jobs by measuring and matching their accumulated job attributes (knowledge, experience, skills, abilities) to the job attributes employers believe will make an employee successful and valuable in a role.

Maturious is significantly different from AI technologies and platforms. AI platforms offer resume analysis and filtering tools to match keywords advertised in roles within a job board environment to a candidate’s resume. AI can learn human bias, just ask Amazon!


Mature Age Candidates

Candidate Capability Profile

Candidate Capability Framework applies employment bio-data analyse tools to capture and evaluate the acquired talents of a mature age person over their working career.

Proprietary Algorithms

Measure the depth and breadth of mature age persons accumulated talents to produce a Talent Value Score for matching to Ideal Candidate Profiles.



Ideal Candidate Profile

Ideal Candidate Framework enables business customers to rate the importance of specific job attributes to generate the Talent Value Score (bench-marking score) for their Ideal Candidate Profile.

Proprietary Algorithms

Match the Talent Value Score to a pre-filtered Talent Bank of mature age Candidate Capability Profiles to generate a short list of Viable Candidate Profiles.

Here are just few ways companies are utilising the technology offered by Maturious to tap into the growing population of mature age workers in Australia to cultivate multi-talented and experienced workforces.

Objective, evidence-based tools to match and hire people on a fast, consistent and reliable basis.

Verifiable employment bio-data to make informed decisions about candidate suitability and selection.

Intelligent automation to reduce tedious time-consuming tasks so hiring professionals can focus on high-value work.

Easy-to-use Ideal Candidate Profile building tools to recruit and match qualified and capable people.

Reduced cost of recruitment and risk of skill-mismatching – which is highly valued.

Shortlist of Viable Candidate Profiles in days, not weeks.

Creating an inclusive future that works for everyone

We are actively building an ecosystem of inclusive partners to pilot Maturious to address talent gaps and the problem of ageism and bias in recruitment — starting with a first wave of pilots underway with PwC, First State Super and Max Employment.

These pilots act as laboratories to tailor our 360 Capability Profiling and Talent Matching Technology to the needs of specific industry verticals to help businesses bridge talent gaps through the better utilisation of mature age people in their workforce.

Contact us to join a pilot or create your own.

Here are some of the ways Maturious can work for your business.


Use Maturious to create agility

Recruitment is generally slow and painful for everyone involved. Leveraging Maturious technology to speed up the recruitment process can have a huge impact on your bottom line.

With Maturious you can build your team quickly by objectively identifying and matching the talents you need for your roles.

Use Maturious to cut costs

Existing recruitment processes in many businesses aren’t the most cost-effective. For many, direct sourcing methods and traditional agency recruitment remains unaffordable.

Hiring managers have an opportunity to connect Maturious technology within existing human resource management systems to optimise the recruitment process.

Use Maturious to reduce risks

In an increasingly knowledge-driven economy, people are businesses’ cost-effective asset but also their greatest risk.

By getting smarter on how you leverage candidate employment data to match candidates to vacancies can help you eliminate skills mismatching quickly and in turn, reduce the risk of hiring candidates that aren’t right.

Looking to hire diverse and talented people?

If you’ve started your search with conventional hires like recent grads and mid-level professionals, you may be looking in the wrong place.

Get in touch and get started with Maturious.

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