The inspiration for Maturious came from David’s personal experience. The story all began when David needed to find a new job.

The process started well. He had four phone interviews in four weeks. It sounded promising, the phone conversations were encouraging, and he received messages like “You sound perfect for the role.”, and “When can we meet?”.

Meetings were arranged, but then the sales rhetoric of “You sound perfect.” and the enthusiasm to talk had waned – a lot. Almost before David had sat down.

It wasn’t until after the fourth interview that David had an epiphany – there’s something seriously wrong here. And there it was:

I’m being discriminated against because of my age

David then thought, if job discrimination was happening to him, then it must be happening to many mature-age people.

He then investigated and confirmed ageism and discrimination in recruitment had quickly transformed from a minor issue to a national problem – and a barrier for mature-age people to gain employment.

David then met Carolyn. As a diversity recruitment specialist, Carolyn has a true understanding of the challenges faced by those from diverse or marginalised backgrounds. They then united in their quest to transform and democratise recruitment.

And that’s how Maturious was born.

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